Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick nail + tapioca pudding sweet thingy post :D

I really need to clear up my desktop from all the random pics! I guess i'll start with some random nails i did like 2 week ago lol

BYS - Pink Panic

& i went over my nail tips with the pink glitter! Afterwards i went over it again and gently swept it up my whole nail to create like a faded glitter look. (didn't take pix)

I love BYS they're so cheap!

Now to the sweet tapioca pudding thing (I don't know what it's called in English).
My mum likes to make stuff in the kitchen when she has time, a couple of weeks ago she made some Asian sweet with banana. I was surprised at how SIMPLE it was and how basic the ingredient were :O

1st she melted Palm Sugar in the wok.

Then she added coconut milk (she doesn't measure what she puts in by the way)
And then the TAPIOCA!


Haha! The only reason i took the photo so close is because some people in my family go spastic when they see lil dots all bunched up together and i wanted to upload it onto Facebook so i can tag them lol anyways THIS is tapicoa up close and personal ;D

Oh and she added some cut up bananas too somewhere along those line :p

This is what it looks like
(Excuse the messy surroundings, it was a busy night!)
adding tapioca..
Yeah, my mum loves to do her nails as you can see lol
Despite working in the kitchen she somehow manages to cut veges and meat as if the nails weren't there.

Sorry i didn't take an after photo! It pretty much still looks the same, just in a plastic container :)

P.S Thanks for following me guys! At first i only made a blog so i could follow others and read peoples' blogs but the blogger within me just kinda happened.. lol


Friday, April 23, 2010

Mini haul and my package arrived!!

SO, because of my sleeping pattern, i'm rarely awake in the morning and wake up just 1 hour before work on most days. That means i have no time for shopping! I really need to get my sleeping pattern back to normal but it's so hard! I've tried staying up one whole day but i end up falling asleep and that fcks up my sleeping pattern even more! Anywho.. Enough about that.. Luckily K-Mart closes at 10pm now so sometimes after work, my sister and i go there and just take our times because there's rarely any people..

Some time last week i bought a couple of things;

Rimmel Soft Kohl Kaja in Pure White. I've been wanting a white eyeliner for the longest! So i'm glad i got this :)

I also picked up some BYS polishes (i've never really liked BYS until i saw people blogging about them! I'm sorry i've neglected you BYS!) and 1 Revlon polish because the color looked so frosty and pretty, arghhh!
I forgot the names! I'm at work right now :( I know the Yellow one is called "The right bright" and the pink Revlon one is called "Posh Pink" but that's it.. My bad!

Then i got 2 Australis Lip Injection Lipsticks! One in a pink shade and the other in a nude color (This is my first nude lipstick so i was pretty excited!) They were only $12.50ea! That's pretty cheap for me considering other lipsticks i've bought in the past were more than $20EACH.
Jive and Mambo :)
P.S I love Anime xD

Jive on my lips with flash.

As i was walking out of the cosmetics section i couldn't resist picking this up on the way! It's so COLORFUL inside! I'm a sucker for colorful shit! + i know Lip Smackers smell soo good :9
This came in a Coca Cola tin! So cute right?!
I love it! I just want to look at it and just have it for display in my room :))))
AND I love how they smell exactly like the flavors they claim to be!
Sorry about the flash..


Justify FullI took individual photos but i haven't uploaded them yet!!
I got;
* YSL Lip Twins Lip - I love how they made this! I can't explain it but i will upload photos soon.
* L'OREAL Color Riche Lipstick in NUDE (ANOTHER NUDE! WOOT!!).
* L'OREAL Volume Perfect Lip Color - Definig Mica.
* Victoria's Secret Very Sext Lip Shine.

I got these from :)
Best site everrrrr.

Ok so this is a pretty long post, i needa give my fingers a rest.
Take care,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thai dessert; 'Look Choob'

Image taken from

What are they?
A Thai Dessert made with green bean, sugar and coconut milk. They are formed into miniature fruits and veges, colored with non toxic coloring and then glazed with gelatin.

Images taken from

I wish i had my own pictures but no one hardly makes any Look Choob around here.

..Short post today :p


Woot! Another giveaway how exciting :D

She's giving away;

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk & Blackbean



Check it out here!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I made Thai Beef Salad.

Blurry cam pics.

Thai Chilli Paste! :)
Put one tablespoon of chilli paste with lemon juice (my mum made it, it's not just lemon juice, it has other shit in it too.. Yeah looks like DOO DOO i knowww lol)
Getting my beef outta the pot. I like it with some pinkness in it still.
Putting it in with the chilli paste and lemon juice
Chopped chilli..
Chopped lime leaves

Chopped a bit of onion (don't like onion so i only did a bit) p.s i just deleted the pic where i was chopping the onion and i can't be stuffed re-uploading.. It was basically an onion chopped in half on the chopping board.

Added the onion.
Some tomato.
Coriander (sp?)
Lemon grass (once again, i don't like this stuff, just put it in for flavor)

Kaffir lime leaf chopped finely. Mine weren't exactly fine...
Everything in the bowl (oh yeah that's a wooden bowl, so Asian).
Mix that shit
Add some cashew nuts! Usually beef salad doesn't have cashew nuts, only in duck salad for some reason but i love cashew nuts.

Woulda looked better on a white plate on a bed of lettuce
As far as taste goes. My mum said it was a little bland, my aunty liked it and my dad said "NOT BAD" that means a lot coming from an experienced chef of many years!!! And my sister complained about tummy pains right after, pffft!!
Haha! I know this shit is random but oh well :)


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random make-up pictures!

Random, random.. Might be the last post. Getting bored....

When i started with make-up.. Leave my eyebrows alone! x(


Constipated face..

I'm sure a lot of people have bought the Manly Palettes from eBay :) I got the smaller one (my sister has it hostage in her room right now) *smh* lol
I just used these 2 colors.. I really thought it was orange but it came out red O_O as for the blue- prettiest color in the palette!

After clubbing, i love you Urban Decay Primer Potion =)
I'm a bit of a camera-whore =)

I love cut crease but for ME it takes ages to do!
Random pics....

The end! xox