Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quick nail + tapioca pudding sweet thingy post :D

I really need to clear up my desktop from all the random pics! I guess i'll start with some random nails i did like 2 week ago lol

BYS - Pink Panic

& i went over my nail tips with the pink glitter! Afterwards i went over it again and gently swept it up my whole nail to create like a faded glitter look. (didn't take pix)

I love BYS they're so cheap!

Now to the sweet tapioca pudding thing (I don't know what it's called in English).
My mum likes to make stuff in the kitchen when she has time, a couple of weeks ago she made some Asian sweet with banana. I was surprised at how SIMPLE it was and how basic the ingredient were :O

1st she melted Palm Sugar in the wok.

Then she added coconut milk (she doesn't measure what she puts in by the way)
And then the TAPIOCA!


Haha! The only reason i took the photo so close is because some people in my family go spastic when they see lil dots all bunched up together and i wanted to upload it onto Facebook so i can tag them lol anyways THIS is tapicoa up close and personal ;D

Oh and she added some cut up bananas too somewhere along those line :p

This is what it looks like
(Excuse the messy surroundings, it was a busy night!)
adding tapioca..
Yeah, my mum loves to do her nails as you can see lol
Despite working in the kitchen she somehow manages to cut veges and meat as if the nails weren't there.

Sorry i didn't take an after photo! It pretty much still looks the same, just in a plastic container :)

P.S Thanks for following me guys! At first i only made a blog so i could follow others and read peoples' blogs but the blogger within me just kinda happened.. lol


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